At First Nazarene, we believe that coming together as “ONE BIG FAMILY” for worship is vital. However, we want every member of our family to also experience discipleship and deeper relationships with God and others. We believe that happens within a group connection. 


WHAT: Small groups are opportunities for adults of all ages to connect with God and others. The ministry is all about relationships. Members care for one another, fellowship together, and help one another grow spiritually through study discussion, and prayer. Groups consist of 10-12 people, including a leader and co-leader. We currently offer groups for men, women, couples, and mixed ages. Groups use different materials and cover unique topics to provide options for everyone.
WHEN: Small groups meet during the fall and winter/spring semesters. Groups meet on different days. Most groups meet bi-weekly, in the evening.
WHERE: Some groups meet at the church and others meet in homes.
HOW TO JOIN: Signups take place every fall and winter. However, anyone can join a group at any time by calling 765-453-7078.


FLAME meets at 9 a.m.  ///  All other classes meet at 10:45 a.m.

FLAME: Faith, Life, And ME (Room #308)
– FAITH AND UNDERSTANDING: Challenging topics are addressed (Room #302)
– KUM-JOIN-US: For ages 55+; Uses Nazarene literature (Room #307)
– POTPOURRI: Video based series and discussion (Room #308)
– SECOND COURSE: Discussion on the first-service sermon (Room #313)
– FAITH AND FRIENDSHIP: Topical studies (Room #314)
– CRUSADERS: Uses Nazarene adult curriculum (Room #315/317)
– TRUTH SEEKERS: Uses contemporary books with Scripture (Room #318)


WHAT: A ministry for college students, young adults, and parents who have kids at home. However, all generations are welcome. After a devotional/small group time, everyone is invited to worship with our modern band during their practice.
WHEN: At 6:30 p.m. every Thursday. There are short seasonal breaks.
WHERE: Worship Center (Use Main Entrance)
HOW TO JOIN: Just show up! For more info, call 765-453-7078, or join the “Belong” group on Facebook.