Board Members elected (alphabetically):
Barry Brantley
Jim Caddell
Cathy Heflin
Jeff Himelick
Michelle Johnson
Clarence Medlen
Dick Taylor

Sunday School Superintendent: Brent Smith
NYI President: Alex Onyett
NMI President: Dave Carter

Missions Council (alphabetically):
Brian Haerr
Kris Himelick
Sharon Medlen
Mark Miller
Carol Snyder

2019-2020 Church Elections

Feb. 10, in Commons and East Wing


Parents’ Time Out

Feb. 16, 5-8 PM


Women’s Bible Study

Registration starts Feb 24



Young Adult Retreat /// March 15-16, 2019

10 Things to Remember About Your Bible

1. If you don’t have a Bible, get one.
2. If you’ve got a Bible, read it.
3. If you read the Bible, believe it.
4. If you believe the Bible, live it.
5. Embrace the commands of the Bible as much as the promises.
6. Live what the Bible teaches. Don’t merely quote the Scripture.
7. A Bible on the shelf is worthless; a Bible read is priceless.

8. Keep a notepad in your Bible.

9. Studying the Bible is like feeding your soul spiritual food.

10. The next time you take your Bible for granted, remember that in some countries it’s illegal to own a Bible.