In the summer of 2014 I got to go to Ecuador with a short term team. While being there I got to see what the 40/40s did and how they worked together. This was the first time out of the country for me and I realized how much out of my comfort zone it was. During my time at college I discovered how much God wants us to be out of our comfort zones so that he is able to shine more through us. After talking with a number of people who are part of Extreme, I felt like this is where God wants me. I look forward to what he will do with this team.


I am going with a team (four North Americans, four South Americans, a pastor family and a cluster family) to Ecuador where we will be for 28 months. Our first few months will be in language training in Quito where we will also do team building. Then we will spend two full years in Latacunga where we will be planting a church. We will do this by going out into the community and get to know people and interact with them. As the church grows we will start small groups in peoples’ houses. As time goes on, we will replace our positions in the church with those in the local congregation so that at the end of the two years the church will be self sustaining.

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