Scripture Reading: Genesis 6:1-22
Chuck Swindoll asks this very important question, “Why is it so hard for us today to believe that God can still do the seemingly impossible?” This is indeed a very challenging question — one that introduces a series of devotionals for the week. We will look at some of the seemingly impossible situations revealed to us in the Old Testament, and be challenged by what they have to say. The first of these is Noah and the ark.
The story of Noah is one of the more well-known stories of the Old Testament. Many stories have been told around it, paintings have been painted to depict it, and questions have been asked concerning it. Did it really happen? History has revealed many accounts of a great flood, but only in the Bible do we read of God’s plan and purpose behind it, and the man set apart for such a time as this. Noah was an incredible man. In fact, the Bible describes him as one “who walked with God.” For him, that meant listening, staying in step with God, and being obedient to all that He said. That in itself is a challenge for us today. A man of God stays in tune with God and follows His directions absolutely.
The story of a flood, an ark, animals two by two, etc. seems an incredible story, but then, who is the God of the flood? What the world considers to be impossible is actually possible with God. As Jesus said in Mark 10:27, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” This is a wonderful promise for you to take with you today as you face the seemingly impossible situations of life. All things are possible with God!

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