Scripture Reading: Luke 22:1-6
Have you ever felt betrayed — let down by someone you trusted? If you have, and many of us have, you can understand how Jesus must have felt when Judas betrayed Him. The story of Judas is well known. His very name means “betrayed.”
Have you ever betrayed someone? That’s not an easy admission to make. Betrayal is a choice, and it is obvious from Luke’s statements that Judas made a choice to betray Jesus. “He looked for an opportunity…” (verse 6). When we betray someone, we make a conscious choice to work ill against that person.
There are many feelings associated with betrayal, such as bitterness and resentment. And people often desire to get revenge. I remember how hurt I was when a close friend betrayed me. I struggled with the failure to understand why and the desire to defend. In the end, I learned some important lessons. If I allow myself to get bitter, it affects me more than it affects the one who betrayed me. If I do to them what they have done to me, I am no better than they are. There are some situations I cannot control; I can only leave them in God’s hands.
When Jesus was betrayed by Judas, he did not defend himself or even get back at Judas. I believe He still loved him and prayed for him. And if he asked, Jesus would have forgiven him. The one who has betrayed you needs your love, and needs you to pray for him or her. Instead of retaliating, seek restoration, no matter how hard that may be to achieve. Choose to forgive and heal while you still have the opportunity to do so.

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