Scripture Reading: Daniel 3
Daniel stands out in the Scriptures as one of the great men of God. Taken into exile as a young man, he soon proved himself to be absolutely trustworthy, a real man of God. But men of God create enemies; there are always those who are opposed to, or should I say, challenged by, those who desire to follow God. Everything about them is a challenge — their attitude, their lifestyle, their outlook and so on. Daniel was such a man. Daniel 3, however, is an amazing chapter to read. Take time to read it, and at the end, ask yourself the question, “What does this say to me about my commitment, prayer, faith and deliverance?”
The verse that spoke to me is verse 22; God shut the mouth of lions! He still does that today. Oh, we may not face actual lions, although our enemy is called “a roaring lion” and God can certainly shut his mouth! But there are those around us who act like lions. They growl and snarl. They are on the prowl, out to get us, and would love to devour us and finish us off. Know what I mean? But remember, in that snarling situation today, the God who shut the mouth of the lions before Daniel can shut the mouths of the lions you confront. Just leave them to Him. He can handle that tough situation in your life, and you will stand as a testimony to the deliverance of God.

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